What, you want to know who I am? Fine, fine. I’ll write an about page. My name is Sarah, and I am a teenager living in a very rural part of southern Utah. As in, Middle-of-Nowhere, USA. You can just almost see the edge of the earth from my house. What this means to my cooking is that I don’t always have access to different ingredients. Let me put it this way: the nearest Wal-mart is TWO AND A HALF HOURS away. Seriously. And it’s not even a very well stocked Wal-mart. We go every couple of weeks and stock up, but if I run out of something, I’ve just got to live without it for a while. We do have a small grocery store here in town, but they only have the basics, and it’s all pretty expensive (understandably). So if I happen to make some dish “wrong” by using different ingredients, it’s probably just because I don’t have access to the “right” ones, so get over it. Now, I suppose you probably want to know what kind of food to expect to see on here. I make a lot of desserts and pastries, but I also do a good bit of the regular cooking around the house. I’m on a bit of an Asian food kick right now (immediately following my Italian food kick). French and Mediterranean cuisine are pretty awesome too. I’m not too big on Mexican, not that I have anything against it; I just don’t like really spicy food. I already mentioned I’m a teenager, so obviously I’m not some greatly experienced chef. I’m not going to cook everything EXACTLY the right way, or with perfect technique. While I learned a lot about food from my parents, most of the stuff I do I learned from TV or the internet. That’s why so many of my recipes are from other food blogs. Because they taught me how to cook. Well, how to cook better, anyway. So, I’m open to suggestions and constructive criticism, but please just keep it nice. My other interests include music, sewing, reading, and tea.

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